Liberation Pledge……fail!

I think its a little obvious, I’m crap at this blogging thing! Sorry its been so long! So, how hard can it be to take The Liberation Pledge – I took it a few months ago, I was super positive, I thought my friends and family will be happy to forgo eating meat for oneContinue reading “Liberation Pledge……fail!”

Vegan-ish dog

Chase has been vegan-ish for over a year (I’d never use that term for humans, so don’t judge me using it for him!). Before I switched his food to vegan dog food, he had been raw fed…. then I went vegan…… I feel Chase would probably like to have something to say about this haha!Continue reading “Vegan-ish dog”

No Spend Year 2021

My aim for 2021 is to have a No Spend Year. I am a marketing person’s dream, I literally see something and have to have it, I rarely put in much thought… in fact the only thing that would stop me spending money normally is if it wasn’t available online – because I weirdly hateContinue reading “No Spend Year 2021”

1 year Veganniversary

So today is my first year veganniversary, I was ridiculously excited for this day! Below is my estimated savings through my first year of being vegan: People think going vegan is some sort of sacrifice, it’s the best thing I have ever done and as all ethical vegans say, I wish I’d done it sooner. Continue reading “1 year Veganniversary”

Say Cheese!

So, before going vegan, I was one of those people that thought I would never be able to give up cheese. My go-to junk food was pizza.. my favourite being from the local pizza house, that cooked an unbelievably cheesy pizza (I only used to add onion). Also, my fave snack when there wasn’t anythingContinue reading “Say Cheese!”

Why I became Vegan…

Prior to becoming vegan I had been following Joey Carbstrong for about two years, I watched all of his arguments with interest but I still never made that switch. But the more I watched the more it started to resonate with me, it was a slow burn. I started eating less meat throughout 2018 andContinue reading “Why I became Vegan…”