Liberation Pledge……fail!

All vegan meal out 🙂

I think its a little obvious, I’m crap at this blogging thing! Sorry its been so long!

So, how hard can it be to take The Liberation Pledge – I took it a few months ago, I was super positive, I thought my friends and family will be happy to forgo eating meat for one meal to spend some time with me…You’d think so, wouldn’t you? Especially after not having seen either friends or family for over a year!

I thought I’d start with an easy one.. my parents. It was my birthday in July, mum and dad offered to take me for a meal, but instead, I suggested that they drove up to South Yorkshire and I would take them for a meal – as long as it was in an all vegan restaurant or cafe. Neither mum or dad were keen, but they agreed. I was off work that week so we decided that we would go out on my actual birthday, a Tuesday, they would drive up at lunchtime and avoid the worst of the traffic…..

This is where the problem started, we’d decided on Sheffield, I was picking them up at Meadowhall and driving in to Sheffield City Centre….. I happily searched for a fully vegan restaurant to take them to…… I couldn’t find any that were open at lunchtime on a Tuesday. I suggested a little later to mum and dad, but they didn’t want to be driving home at rush hour… (to be fair if I’d retired , I wouldn’t be too interested in driving the M1 at rush hour, when I didn’t have to, either.

So, I settled on The Riverside at Kelham, as I had seen excellent reviews for their banana blossom ‘fish’ and chips. It wasn’t the all vegan establishment I’d been looking for, but at least there was lots of choice…… except when we arrived, almost everything vegan was sold out WTAF! I think I had the choice of two things (none of which was the lovely vegan fish and chips I’d been looking forward to trying!), I chose the non-dirty burger (the dirty burger was sold out)… mum and dad could not be persuaded to eat vegan when there was other choices on the menu, even though the deal was I would pay … so I ended up paying anyway, despite them eating meat 😦

A week or so later, I was due to meet my best mate for lunch, back in my hometown, due to covid I hadn’t seen her for 1 ½ years or more. I broached the vegan restaurant suggestion, but she asked what she would eat… I pointed out all the tasty options, but she laid a guilt trip on me, she rarely gets to afford a meal out (we don’t buy each other birthday or xmas pressies now, instead going out for a nice meal once a year), and she had really been looking forward to it… etc etc So once again I found a restaurant with lots of vegan options as opposed to solely vegan. Not complaining, the meal was nice and they did a great vegan dessert…. but obviously its another fail on the liberation pledge.

Back to mum and dad, visiting me again… they said they’d take me out for lunch, I said how about I cook my beautiful vegan lasagna….mum said she didn’t really want to eat squashed up in my house (it is tiny),,,, however, she has not used that excuse in my pre-vegan meal cooking days! So they took me to a local cafe, that did do a great Moroccan beans on toast…. but its another fail!

This weekend, they were coming up to visit again, I suggested cooking again, I suggested going to Meat is Dead in Leeds and I would drive, so they didn’t feel they had to drive 1 1/2hrs to visit me and then drive a further 30 mins for lunch.. but mum said she really didn’t want to spend any more time in a car and could we just eat locally… well obviously, I live in the sticks, there isn’t a fully vegan place on my doorstep… so I suggested I’d just meet them halfway (Chesterfield). Now there is a vegan cafe in the place we’re meeting….but no they didn’t want snack food, they want a proper meal…. so once again, its a pub lunch, they have one vegan offering.. lets hope its not sold out!

Meat is Dead – eating alone where I have full control over where I eat!

I know I’m not being strict enough, how do others do it? I need to tell everyone that if they want to see me it has to be in a place where death isn’t on the table..but I also know this will upset my parents….. it will anger my sister, I know she will just tell me to go to hell… and my mates I guess could be persuaded, but I expect they will all say initially, why can’t we compromise……. So suggestions on how others cope with this greatly appreciated?!

For now, I’ve taken my liberation pledge bracelet off, as I feel I am making a mockery of it 😦

3 thoughts on “Liberation Pledge……fail!

  1. I have no advice really because I’m not sure I would be able to do this. My family just wouldn’t understand, I can persuade them not to bring stinky meat to a gathering but I’m not sure what they would say for full vegan. I don’t understand why people have such an issue with missing meat or dairy for one meal. I know vegan pixie warrior has taken the pledge so she may have better advice.

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    1. It is crazy isn’t it , just one meal! They all seem to think they will be accepting a meal that is less than the best it can be, but if they at least tried it they would realise that is so not the case – the only times I’ve eaten out and had a poor vegan meal has been in a place that had just put a token vegan option on the menu – I’ve never eaten a meal in a vegan restaurant that hasn’t been amazingly tasty … wish me luck today I get to go eat in a carnist pub & eat the one vegan friendly option on the menu 🥴


      1. Oh no, I hope it tastes good. You’re right of course, every vegan option I’ve eaten out has been delicious. It’s such a hard one with family, they can be really dismissive.


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