Vegan-ish dog

Chase has been vegan-ish for over a year (I’d never use that term for humans, so don’t judge me using it for him!).

Before I switched his food to vegan dog food, he had been raw fed…. then I went vegan…… I feel Chase would probably like to have something to say about this haha!

Chase had very itchy skin and was on steroids, so what coincided with me going vegan was the vet suggesting a prescription diet and coming off the steroids. The idea of a prescription dog food is that it is a more unusual protein source and could therefore help alleviate any allergies. So he was placed on Hills Prescription Diet for the first month of myself being vegan… it did work, he was off the steroids but not biting his feet and continuously licking his bits any more.

So I figured what could be a more unusual protein source for a dog – than what he would get from a vegan diet… and so started his vegan journey. I tried him on three foods initially, of those three foods, there was only one that he really wouldn’t eat. However, I noticed that he kept throwing up a little bit of bile morning and evenings (not every day, but almost every day). I asked the vet about it and they said it was probably heartburn.. yes, dog’s can get heartburn too. She said that I could give him a treat in between his meals to see if it stopped it. It did, but it was something I wasn’t totally happy about…

As well as this, I found both of the vegan foods that he would eat not particularly appetising looking, they were very dry and crumbly. Both companies stated that the recipe had been in use for 30+ years or so and I felt that there hadn’t been any progression in the foods, so I decided to keep looking.

I researched a food called Wild Earth, I really liked the sound of it, it sounded new and innovative and used biotech to invent a high protein dog food…. alas currently it is only available in the states… so I continued looking.

Then I found Solo Vegetal – “Solo Vegetal is a highly nutritious, unique 100% vegetable-based food for dogs. It contains all the required nutrients for a well-balanced and healthy diet and is very palatable. If your dog has skin or gut problems caused by food intolerance or food sensitivity, Solo Vegetal might be perfect for them. It is also great if you prefer to feed your dog a vegetarian or vegan diet.”

They specialise in food intolerances, so I was especially interested and ordered a bag, its not cheap! When it arrived, I started to mix it in with Chase’s previous food and then two weeks ago he was eating it solely. His skin complaints are still gone and he has stopped the throwing up thing, so assuming it was heartburn it has gone!

The food looks more appetising, although it is a baked food, it looks fresh and sort of moist (although it is a dry food). I’m really happy with it and Chase seems to love it, He licks his bowl out with gusto!

As for Chase being vegan-ish – he still has the occasional duck (his original unusual protein source) treat. My thinking behind this, is using the baby analogy. If I placed an apple and a duck in front of Chase, he would eat the duck! So his food is vegan and most of his treats are vegan, but with the occasional duck fillet treat – mainly because it last him a bit longer, all his other treats he hoovers up in seconds and then begs for another. Once he’s had a duck fillet treat, it takes him longer to get through it and then he stops begging!

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