No Spend Year 2021

My aim for 2021 is to have a No Spend Year. I am a marketing person’s dream, I literally see something and have to have it, I rarely put in much thought… in fact the only thing that would stop me spending money normally is if it wasn’t available online – because I weirdly hate actual shopping!

So, I thought 2021 would be the ideal year to save some pennies (2020 would have been even more perfect but there you go, that ship has sailed!), I suspect most of the year, if not all of it will be spent pretty much in the same way as 2020, ie at home with a good book!

So its my year, so I get to make up the rules:

No spending on anything that isn’t essential – this means, food, cleaning products, petrol, skincare products are all allowed.

Books are allowed! For me books are essential, I always have a book on the go, however, I am going to force myself to read all the books in my Kindle library before buying any more – there’s a lot, because I see something and I press buy even though I have probably 30 or so books in my TBR virtual pile! I read about 90-95 books per year, so I will still be buying quite a few!

Gifts and cards are also allowed, I’m not going to not buy things for others.

I will allow myself one takeaway a month (this can be one meal out a month should a time come when you can actually eat out again), so I better spend it wisely… or not at all, since it will be healthier! The exception to this rule is me and my best mate normally have a posh meal out once a year for both of our birthdays and christmases combined – however, this didn’t happen last year for obvious reasons so could (hopefully) happen at some point this year.

Current bills and subscriptions are allowed, however, I have cancelled my vegan beauty box subscription. No film purchases are allowed, if its not free/included with my tv packages I can’t watch it. I can’t pay for any additional tv packages.

No apps/games unless they’re free

No frivolous clothes spending – I can only buy something new if I actually need it – ie underwear, socks would be fine, as would new dog walking trousers if I rip current ones etc.

I will allow myself a holiday should the time come when I can go somewhere – this would probably be camping, they normally are – if it is camping then there is no limit as long as I stick to the rules above. If I was to stay in a hotel/guest house then that will be limited to one stay for the year.

Vegan Camp-Out – is an exception – I would have gone last year but it was cancelled and I got a refund – I haven’t bought a ticket yet for this year since everything is so uncertain – if it is going ahead then I will be going.

Charities I support will remain unchanged – I currently have one Patreon, one teaming, two animal sponsorships, I am a member of the Vegan Society and I am a Gold member of Animal Justice Project, I also have National Trust and RSPB memberships.

Think that’s it for the rules, not sure how much I will save doing this as I haven’t worked it out – I’m aiming for £500 a month initially. At the end of each month I’ll transfer over money saved into my savings account. I would expect January to be maybe slightly lower as I got paid early so did spend money over Christmas.

I may get stricter with my rules as the year progresses – I’ve tried to be realistic, there’s no point starting if I don’t see myself being able to stick to it, so the current rules reflect this…. should I find myself glowing with all the money I’m saving then I may make things a bit harder and save more!

One thought on “No Spend Year 2021

  1. I love your exceptions! I’ve signed up to Kindle unlimited as I can then read for free as much as I want.

    I think being realistic is a good starting point, like you say you don’t want it to be difficult to stick to.


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