1 year Veganniversary

So today is my first year veganniversary, I was ridiculously excited for this day! Below is my estimated savings through my first year of being vegan:

1 year veganniversary

People think going vegan is some sort of sacrifice, it’s the best thing I have ever done and as all ethical vegans say, I wish I’d done it sooner. 

I didn’t go vegan because I hated meat, I went vegan because once you see the fear, pain & suffering in another beings eyes you can’t contribute to it.  I can no longer look at a cow or a pig (etc) without seeing fear in their eyes. When I first went to a vigil, I was close to tears, I honestly hadn’t expected it, I thought I would be sad, but when I looked at the cow as she threw her head back in the truck I almost cried – I couldn’t believe that I couldn’t do anything to save her.

Before going vegan I loved meat, I used to boast that I liked my steak so rare you might as well slice it straight off the cow, I didn’t think about the fact those animals I ate had the exact same feelings of fear & pain as we do, and they’re just babies.  Cognitive dissonance is real, that’s why I really want my friends and family to see how I see animals now, compared to how I used look at animals, but it’s so hard to get them to listen, they want to remain ignorant for their own pleasure the same way I used to.

I couldn’t watch someone kick a dog, I can’t watch footage of the Yulin dog meat festival so why would I be able to watch someone kick a pig, cut their throat, while they struggle to live? It is not acceptable to treat a living, breathing, sentient being like a barcode.

Not only that, I fail to see how so called intelligent people don’t realise that how we treat animals is killing us. We’re in the middle of a pandemic caused by our treatment of animals, a factory farm is the same breeding ground for disease as a wet market is. My friends and family look forward to a day when Covid-19 will be in the past, not realising that it will never be in the past, we will just have Covid-21, Swine Flu or Bird Flu etc – until we change how we treat animals we will never be safe from zoonotic diseases – 3 out of 4 zoonotic diseases are caused by factory farming.

Factory farms could not function without widespread antibiotic use, as the animals are forced to live in cramped, filthy conditions, we’re on the brink of antibiotic resistance apocalypse… then you can die from an infected blister or a cut on your finger… we won’t have to wait for our destruction of the climate to kill our children and grandchildren, the way we treat animals will do it for us.

I haven’t even mentioned that the way we treat animals is also the main culprit in climate change ….

The government needs to stop subsidising the meat industry and start subsidising plant based food initiatives then meat will no longer be the cheap product it is,. I really wonder when we will have someone in power in the government that is intelligent and proactive enough to actually see this and do something about it.

Finally, I thought I’d share my list of recommending viewing:

To witness the cruel world our farm animals live in:

Earthlings, Dominion and just in case you watch these and think the UK doesn’t do this – Land of Hope and Glory.

To see how we are brainwashed into believing meat and dairy is good for us:

Cowspiracy, What the Health, Vegan 2020 (YouTube), Gamechangers, Forks over Knives

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